A Brief History

In January 1997, Local 99 of the American Federation of Musicians formed the Music Education Assistance Project, Inc. (MEAP). MEAP was formed in response to the declining presence of music education in public schools and to help carry on the work of the R. S. Christensen Foundation which had awarded study grants for 15 years. MEAP, a non-profit entity, raises and disperses funds to increase music education opportunities for students in elementary, middle and high school; within northern Oregon and southwest Washington. MEAP surveyed hundreds of school music teachers about the kind of assistance they needed for their schools. More in-school assemblies and lectures, coaching sessions and especially access to private instruction topped the list.

The Board

The MEAP board is made up of volunteers who are members of the Musician’s Union, Local 99 based in Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington. They are all professional musicians who have a strong belief in the value of music education for our youth and we are dedicated to that end by raising funds, soliciting grant programs, and making the grant decisions.

The board meets as needed and the meetings are open to the public. The meetings are held at the AFM Local 99 building at 325 NE 20th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97232.

Board Members:

Mark Burdon, President
Denise Westby, Vice President
Carla Wilson, Secretary
Bruce Fife, Treasurer
Mary Ann Coggins-Kaza
Drew Nelson
Joel Bluestone