Grant Programs

Music Study Grants

The scholarship recipients receive one-on-one instruction from a professional teacher during the school year. Students range in ability from intermediate to advanced and the program culminates in a group recital open to the public at no charge.

Applications are sent out to band and orchestra instructors in the fall and awards are announced in December. Application forms will be made available on this website when they are ready.

Each year, usually in May, a recital is held where our scholarship winners get to show what they have learned in a public performance. More information can be found by clicking on the “recital” tab at the top of the page.

MEAP Performance and Project Grant Program

Applicants for the project grant program (in-school programs) submit detailed applications on an ongoing basis.  Applications are reviewed twice a year.  School District funds are often available to assist with the entire program cost. Grants for performances or non-curricular programs are made for Elementary, Middle and Secondary Schools within the Local 99 jurisdiction. Presenters are to be Local 99 AFM members. More information can be found on the application form posted on this website when they are available.

In 2011 we were pleased to fund four fine projects:

  • Insta-Band Camp – end of April, 2011 for 8 schools in the North Clackamas School District to include small sectional work administered by professional musicians to ensure good habits in playing and collective success on their instruments (application of Dunja Jennings)
  • A Symphony for the Sheep: A Scottish Storyline, a project at the Metropolitan Learning Center in Portland where students will be exposed to the process of musical composition by creating songs based on the poetry found in the book, “A Symphony of Sheep” by C. M. Millen. (application of Carla Wilson)
  • Introduction to Chamber Music, a chamber music coaching project at the Reynolds School District in Fairview. Middle School orchestra members will experience the joy of making music in small groups, coached by professional musicians. (application of Karen Hilley)
  • Exploring Music Production, a project at the da Vinci Arts Middle School in Portland which will introduce students to the process of recording music production using professional equipment and guided by a professional recording artist. (application of Graham Smith-White)

The 2011 performance grants total over $4,000.00.

In 2012 we were pleased to fund:

  • Marimba’s Activate!  which funded the repair of a set of underused marimbas at Chief Joseph school.  Once repaired the marimbas were used to lead an 8 week class both at Chief Joe and The Ivy School.   Both classes culminated in a final concert.
Students at The Ivy School prior to their marimba ensemble concert.

Students at The Ivy School prior to their marimba ensemble concert.