Music Study Grant

We will be accepting applications for the 2022/2023 grant cycle beginning October 1, 2022


Music Study Grants offer students in grades 6 to 12 the opportunity to receive a grant for private music lessons with a professional instructor. This grant is need based and to qualify, applicants must meet the Oregon Free and Reduced Lunch Guidelines and provide proof of financial need. There is no fee to apply. 

Study Grants will fund private instruction with a professional music teacher during the school year. Awards are made for up to $600 and fund instrumental instruction only, excluding keyboards. Applications must be received by December 1, 2022.

MEAP can also help connect students with qualified private instructors within the AFM Local 99 musicians union membership. If interested, don’t hesitate to contact us.

At the end of each school year, a recital is held for our Study Grant recipients where get to share what they have been working on in a formal yet fun setting.


Project Grant

MEAP Project Grants are available for professional musicians wishing to work with school music programs to create and share unique educational musical experiences for their students.  

Applicants for this in-school grant program can submit detailed applications on an ongoing basis.  Grants for in school performances or non-curricular programs can made for Elementary, Middle and High Schools within the AFM Local 99 jurisdiction. To qualify, Project Grants applicants must be members of the AFM Local 99 musicians union. 

Projects We Have Funded

Insta-Band Camp

8 schools in the North Clackamas School District received help from professional musicians to ensure good habits in playing and collective success on their instruments.

A Symphony for the Sheep

A project at the Metropolitan Learning Center in Portland where students were introduced to the process of musical composition by creating songs based on the poetry found in the book, “A Symphony of Sheep” by C. M. Millen.

Intro to Chamber Music

A chamber music coaching project at the Reynolds School District in Fairview. Middle School orchestra members experienced the joy of making music in small groups, coached by professional musicians.

Exploring Music Production

A project at the da Vinci Arts Middle School in Portland which introduced students to the process of recording music production using pro equipment and guided by a professional recording artist.

Marimbas Activate

Chief Joseph school received funding to repair of a set of underused marimbas. Once fixed, the marimbas were used to lead an 8 week class both at Chief Joe and The Ivy School. Both classes culminated in a final concert.

future projects

Have a project in mind that needs funding? Apply for a grant.